STC-1000+ Profile editor and sketch generator
© 2014 Mats Staffansson

This page is a part of the STC-1000+ project. Please visit the project page for more information.

The purpose of this page it to visualize how the setpoint will be updated over time,
when running a profile (with the specified settings) on an STC-1000+ modified thermostat.
It will accurately show substeps when ramping is enabled.

Note that this (obviously) only shows the calculated setpoints, not the actual temperature of the fermenting vessel.
All 6 profiles can be edited, but only one will be shown at a time. To switch between which profile is shown, click on the 'Pr0' to 'Pr5' links.
It is also possible to directly switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius mode.
Additionally, the parameters can be exported and downloaded as a sketch for direct upload to the Arduino and STC-1000.
To do so, simply press one of the 'Download sketch' button at the bottom of the page when you are done editing.
Save the file and open with the Arduino IDE if not prompted to open it directly.

Select sketch version

STC-1000+ (minute timebase)
STC-1000+ RH